The old trading place Kalle is located in the middle of the Lofoten islands, but at the same time far away from the main tourist crowd. With us you have the opportunity to live in authentic rorbuer (original, but renovated, fisherman’s cabins), providing a look into historical Norwegian coastal culture in refreshing surroundings. Almost like a small-scale Lofoten!

Live in a Rorbu

Authentic rorbuer with high standards. Well equipped kitchen, renovated bathrooms and a choice between one or two bedrooms. A nice view with a porch.. 

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Relaxation and well-being

A hot sauna after a long day in the mountains? A refreshing swim in clear waters to start the day? Or simply just being able to sit and look out at the ocean, and allow yourself to lower your shoulders as you enjoy the calm surroundings. At Kalle you can relax.

Incredible nature

Kalle is beautifully situated by the sea, surrounded by powerful and dramatic mountains. From here it is a short way to many trips into nature. We are happy to give tips on hikes in the local area where you can enjoy nature up close and in peace.


Kalle in Lofoten is a trading place from 1890's. The old buildings are well preserved and you can feel the historical echo from old times. Les mer om Kalle.

Family Friendly

Kalle is a great spot to gather the family, there is more than enough to do for big and small. Kalle is a big playground for all generations!